BIA has become a Startup Europe AMBASSADOR

BIA has joined the ranks of the Startup Europe initiative and become its local ambassador and contact point.
The initiative is primarily focused on two main pillars that create a visible, interconnected, dedicated space where startups can obtain advice, partners and grow locally or internationally. These pillars are:

  1. access to funding opportunities for startup ecosystem builders who design projects to improve startups’ capabilities to scale up, raise capital or enter new markets;
  2. support of cross-border stakeholder networks and grassroot initiatives.
As an Ambassador, BIA will actively contribute to the visibility of Startup Europe (SE) by acting as a key information point in their countries about SE activities or by connecting the SE team with relevant stakeholders from their local startup field; and gather feedback and provide innovative insight to the European Commission’s Startup Europe team with the objective of improving the activities of this initiative.

So far in the program, 715 startups have been supported directly, who have raised over 200 million euros of capital. More than 900 pitching sessions have been organized with investors, including over 500 cross-border meetings and networking events, and 350 matchmaking sessions between startups, investors and large corporations. Startup Europe Week organized 411 events in the first week of February 2017 in the 28 Member States and the Startup Europe Awards followed the Eurovision model to select national winners in 18 Member States. 110 activities were conducted to internationalize startups and more than 180 startups participated in activities in India, Africa and Silicon Valley.

Startup Europe

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